Longs Peak Animal Hospital

9727 Ute Highway
Longmont, CO 80504



Boarding & Daycare Services 

Boarding Direct Phone: 303-776-6720

  Email: boarding@lpah.vet


Our boarding facility is designed to keep all animals safe and secure in an environment free of harmful chemicals, noises, smells, harsh lights and unpleasant interactions. To ensure that your pet is kept in a clean, healthy environment, all dog kennels and cat condos are cleaned and disinfected daily. 



Two options are available for the feeding of your pet: 

1. "House Food" - We'll feed your pet with Science Diet Sensitive Stomach formula. 

2. "Your Food" - You supply your pet's regular food and we'll feed them per your instructions. Bringing your pet's own food decreases the likelihood of gastrointestinal distress while boarding. 

Clean, fresh water is available all day long in kennels, condos and outside in the exercise yards. 



All pets are provided with blankets for bedding. However, you are welcome to bring your pet's bedding and toys to provide them with something from home. This option provides your pet with some familiar items and comforts in an otherwise unfamiliar environment. 



Oral and topical medications that you provide are administered at no extra charge.  

We board Longs Peak Animal Hospital's diabetic patients for an additional charge of $14.00 per day.

Please note our Prescription Medication Requirements.



No DescriptionExit Baths are available for all dogs that board with us at an additional charge of:

 1 -  25 pounds            $15.00

26 - 50 pounds            $20.00

51 - 75 pounds            $25.00

over 75 pounds           $30.00

SPAW-Day Package: Add a toe-nail trim to any purchased bath for a discounted $17!

Complimentary Exit Baths are available for any dog staying 7 days or longer.  Please let us know at check in if you would like this service. 




No DescriptionCats:

Our feline boarding guests enjoy a minimum of a 3' x 3' condo with resting shelf and a picture window view for bird-watching.  Cats are let out of the condos daily to stretch their legs in the cattery and to play with an assortment of kitty-approved toys. 


Cat Boarding - Basic

$17 per cat per night.


Cat Boarding - Day Only (no overnight)

$13 per cat



Dog Boarding - Basic

$25 per dog per night

Dogs enjoy either a kennel that is 3 1/2' x 14' or a kennel measuring 3 1/2' x 8'. They are taken outside to exercise pens that are approximately 250 sq. ft. at least 4 times per day for fresh air, to stretch their legs, and for their potty time. If weather permits, dogs are rotated outside all day long. These exercise pens have shade and pea gravel to keep them cool, dry and clean. Only dogs from the same family can share an exercise pen. 


Dog Boarding w/Daycare

$40 per dog per night

Give your pet a break from the kennel. Let him make new friends and work off some energy while boarding with us. We offer daycare seven days a week and love to have those boarding with us join the fun. Boarding dogs will have a minimum of 4 hours out in the daycare yard playing fetch, Frisbee, enjoying a dip in the pool, if weather allows, or just plain rough-housing with dogs of like temperament. All daycare dogs must be spayed or neutered and meet our vaccination requirements. Visit our photo page to see the antics in the play yard that we have caught on film. 


Dog Boarding w/"One on One"

$35 per dog per night

We offer this service 7 days a week. This is our way to include something extra for all dogs, young and old, intact or just not the sociable type. Let our Boarding Attendant spend 30 minutes a day with your pet walking, giving cuddle time, or playing fetch and running off extra energy in one of our spacious yards. We often take dogs for an on-leash outdoor adventure walk along our maze-style path in the large open space located right behind our building, but we can customize this time in anyway you would like! We see all ages and temperaments at the kennel and truly want to optimize what will be best for you and your pet. Don't hesitate to make a request!


Dog Boarding - Day Only (no overnight)

$17 per dog per day 

If you have a repairman scheduled to visit, company for the day, a meeting that may take too long, or just something that is not in your pet's normal routine, bring your dog or cat here to us. Pets receive the perks of a Basic Boarding and unlimited human contact throughout the day. 






Cozy Cot

$5 for up to 7 nights

Have your pup stay in complete comfort with one of our Cozy Cots! These elevated beds will keep your pet cool and comfortable!



$22 per dog per day

$200 - 10-Visit Daycare package (saves you $2/day) 

Daycare is available seven days a week, with some holidays excluded. However, reservations are required in order to ensure proper staffing to provide the highest level of safety to your pets while in our daycare. 

Tired of coming home from a long day at work to find that your dog has plowed through the trash or ate your favorite shoe? Bring your dog here! You can trust that they are being taken care of all day, enjoying the interaction of other dogs of like temperament, and having human companionship. Dogs can enjoy the daycare area playing, wrestling or just hanging out. The bonus is that when you get home at the end of the day and just want to unwind, your exhausted dog will be doing the same! Visit our photo page to see the antics in the play yard that we have caught on film. (Daycare dogs must be at least 6 months old, up to date on all vaccines, and must be spayed/neutered.)