Longs Peak Animal Hospital

9727 Ute Highway
Longmont, CO 80504



Splat Lass

"Our magnificent black cat, Splat, died last night (Sat., Oct. 24, 2010). Splat was a most wonderful boy.  He was hit by a car on Hwy 66, and fortunately for him, it was in front of Longs Peak Animal Hospital.  They ran out with a towel, scooped him up, and took him inside for months of intensive recovery.  They gave him to us while we were in there with the rest of our kitties getting their yearly exams.  The vets there know that Ron and I are cat people and can't say no to a magnificent puss.  They presented him to us, holding him like a baby w/his feet in the air.  He was purring and represented himself very well.  We went home with Splat.


Splat was a true gentleman.  I know that sounds silly to say about a cat, but it is so true.  He accepted every kitty that Ron and I continued to add to the family.  He was our official greeter when people came to the house.  Splat always rubbed up against you and said hello.  He purred constantly, loved to lie on our laps, would knead me at night to wake me up so that I could hold him in my arms and pet him, and walked around wagging his tail.   My mom commented once that she had never seen a cat wag his tail like that.  Splat was such a happy boy and loved his life with us.  I grew and then harvested catnip just for him.  He LOVED his fresh catnip.

It's going to be very sad without our Splat.  The other kitties are all quiet and subdued today. The five of them grew up together and were very close.  Goodbye my love."         - Laura Lass